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List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

Last post 05-09-2011, 12:30 AM by pramit57. 6 replies.
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  •  05-08-2011, 8:10 AM 52030

    List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    I had tried searching around for a list of the hotkeys but didn't find anything so I went ahead and made a table with em.

    I'll include it below but I also posted it on the Wikia:

    While the formatting of the table isn't excellent I provided links at the bottom of the page to the original screenshots and Excel spreadsheets I used. Hope this helps anyone that was looking for this information like I was. I also hope they add some of the great features being talked about in the "Feedback: Key-mapping and Shortcuts" thread. Cheers.



    Category Action Key(s)
    General Game Hotkeys Toggle Quest Log L
      Toggle Inventory I
      Toggle Consumable Bar U
      Toggle Advisor Bar V
      Delete Selected Units Delete
      Delete Selected Units (alternate) Num Del
      Focus Cursor to Chat Window Enter
      Toggle Player Tribute Dialog F6
      Toggle Game Menu F10
      Toggle Game Time F11
      Enable Friend or Foe Colors Alt-F
      Attack Move Z
    Game World Hotkeys Move Camera Left Left
      Move Camera Right Right
      Move Camera Forward Up
      Move Camera Backward Down
      Move Camera Forward Left Num 7
      Move Camera Forward Right Num 9
      Move Camera Backward Left Num 1
      Move Camera Backward Right Num 3
      Camera Zoom In Num +
      Camera Zoom Out Num -
      Camera Rotate Left Ctrl-Left
      Camera Rotate Right Ctrl-Right
      Chat Scroll Backward Page Up
      Chat Scroll Forward Page Down
      Screenshot F5
    Selection Group Hotkeys Select Group 0 0
      Select Group 1 1
      Select Group 2 2
      Select Group 3 3
      Select Group 4 4
      Select Group 5 5
      Select Group 6 6
      Select Group 7 7
      Select Group 8 8
      Select Group 9 9
      Add to Group 0 Shift-0
      Add to Group 1 Shift-1
      Add to Group 2 Shift-2
      Add to Group 3 Shift-3
      Add to Group 4 Shift-4
      Add to Group 5 Shift-5
      Add to Group 6 Shift-6
      Add to Group 7 Shift-7
      Add to Group 8 Shift-8
      Add to Group 9 Shift-9
      Create Group 0 Ctrl-0
      Create Group 1 Ctrl-1
      Create Group 2 Ctrl-2
      Create Group 3 Ctrl-3
      Create Group 4 Ctrl-4
      Create Group 5 Ctrl-5
      Create Group 6 Ctrl-6
      Create Group 7 Ctrl-7
      Create Group 8 Ctrl-8
      Create Group 9 Ctrl-9
      Remove From Any Group Ctrl-
      Look At Group 0 Alt-0
      Look At Group 1 Alt-1
      Look At Group 2 Alt-2
      Look At Group 3 Alt-3
      Look At Group 4 Alt-4
      Look At Group 5 Alt-5
      Look At Group 6 Alt-6
      Look At Group 7 Alt-7
      Look At Group 8 Alt-8
      Look At Group 9 Alt-9
    Capital City Hotkeys Find Quest Givers Q
    Find Unit Hotkeys Find Idle Villager .
       Find Villagers Alt-.
      Select All Idle Villagers Shift-.
      Find Military ,
      Find Military by Type Alt-,
      Select All Military Shift-,
      Find Ship ]
      Find Selection Space
      Find Barracks B
      Find Storehouse E
      Find Archery Range A
      Find Dock D
      Find House H
      Find Market M
      Find Academy N
      Find Stable S
      Find Greek Temple T
      Find Temple of Ra Y
      Find Temple of Set O
      Find Temple of Ptah P
      Find Siege Workshop X
      Find Town Center C
      Find Last Notification Mouse 3
      Find Last Notification (alternate) End
    Building Construction Hotkeys Build Wall W
      Build Archery Range A
      Build Armory R
      Build Academy N
      Build Barracks B
      Build Greek Temple T
      Build Temple of Ra Y
      Build Temple of Set O
      Build Temple of Ptah P
      Build Dock D
      Build Town Center C
      Build House H
      Build Storehouse E
      Build Farm F
      Build Market M
      Build Stable S
      Build Siege Workshop X
      Build Watch Post V
      Build Guard Tower G
      Build Fortress or Citadel Q
    Town Center Hotkeys Ring Town Bell B
      Return to Work W
      Eject Garrisoned Units E
      Villager A
      Multiple Villager Shift-A
    Market Hotkeys Caravan A
      Multiple Caravan Shift-A
    Greek Barracks Hotkeys Spearman A
      Multiple Spearman Shift-A
      Hypaspist S
      Multiple Hypaspist Shift-S
      Hoplite D
      Multiple Hoplite Shift-D
    Greek Archery Range Hotkeys Toxotes A
      Multiple Toxotes Shift-A
      Peltast S
      Multiple Peltast Shift-S
      Gastraphetes D
      Multiple Gastraphetes Shift-D
    Greek Stable Kotkeys Sarissophoroi A
      Multiple Sarissophoroi Shift-A
      Prodromos S
      Multiple Prodromos Shift-S
      Hippikon D
      Multiple Hippikon Shift-D
    Greek Dock Hotkeys Fishing Boat A
      Multiple Fishing Boat Shift-A
      Merchant Transport S
      Multiple Merchant Transport Shift-S
      Trireme D
      Multiple Trireme Shift-D
      Fire Ship F
      Multiple Fire Ship Shift-F
      Ballista Trireme G
      Multiple Ballista Trireme Shift-G
    Greek Siege Workshop Hotkeys Battering Ram A
      Multiple Battering Ram Shift-A
      Ballista S
      Multiple Ballista Shift-S
    Greek Fortress Hotkeys Palintonon D
      Multiple Palintonon Shift-D
    GG Temple Hotkeys Priest A
      Multiple Priest Shift-A
    Egyptian Barracks Hotkeys Spearman A
      Multiple Spearman Shift-A
      Axeman S
      Multiple Axeman Shift-S
      Slinger D
      Multiple Slinger Shift-D
    Egyptian Stable Hotkeys Camel Rider A
      Multiple Camel Rider Shift-A
      Chariot Archer S
      Multiple Chariot Archer Shift-S
    Egyptian Siege Workshop Hotkeys Siege Tower A
      Multiple Siege Tower Shift-A
      Catapult S
      Multiple Catapult Shift-S
      Palintonon D
      Multiple Palintonon Shift-D
    Egyptian Dock Hotkeys Fishing Boat A
      Multiple Fishing Boat Shift-A
      Merchant Transport S
      Multiple Merchant Transport Shift-S
      Trireme D
      Multiple Trireme Shift-D
      Fire Ship F
      Multiple Fire Ship Shift-F
      Catapult Trireme G
      Multiple Catapult Trireme Shift-G
    Egyptian Citadel Hotkeys War Elephant A
      Multiple War Elephant Shift-A
      Elephant Archer S
      Multiple Elephant Archer Shift-S
    Egyptian Temple of Ra Hotkeys Priestess of Ra A
      Multiple Priestess of Ra Shift-A
    Egyptian Temple of Ptah Hotkeys Priest of Ptah A
      Multiple Priest of Ptah Shift-A
    Egyptian Temple of Set Hotkeys Priest of Set A
      Multiple Priest of Set Shift-A

    Thanks those of you have added hot keys not on the list, I'll try to add them here if/when I visit. If you know of a hotkey not listed here it would be great if you could provide some info on it because I'm a pretty new player and may not know what it does. The post below mine for example, "you forgot alt+c" - that's great to know but I have no idea what alt+c does, even tried it a few places to no effect.

    And while I love seeing discussion in a thread of mine, those of you interested in suggesting changes and additions might have your suggestions most throughly reviewed if posted in this thread: "Feedback: Key-mapping and Shortcuts"

    Additional Hotkeys:

    Chat        Reply to a tell       R




    7zip file of the original screenshots

    Original Excel Spreadsheet

  •  05-08-2011, 1:08 PM 52117 in reply to 52030

    Re: List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    you forgot alt+c
  •  05-08-2011, 2:15 PM 52134 in reply to 52117

    Re: List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    The only "find"-hotkey that I would want to use except for "find storehouse" would be "find armory" (I can't always remember where I build them and they look a little bit too much like houses). 

    Could there be an implementation of this hotkey please?

  •  05-08-2011, 3:30 PM 52166 in reply to 52134

    Re: List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    I disagree I use lots of find hotkeys, as long as  you have 1 tc/stable/rax/range you can use find keys rather then control groups
  •  05-08-2011, 11:52 PM 52325 in reply to 52166

    Re: List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    Ok well I don't and that is not my point anyway. The point is there needs to be a find armory hotkey.

  •  05-09-2011, 12:01 AM 52330 in reply to 52325

    Re: List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    Yeah we've been asking for a hotkey to that building to be added for ages.  As far as the list goes you can change your hotkeys to virtually anything you want (although you can't bind hotkeys to your mouse scroll wheel)
  •  05-09-2011, 12:30 AM 52342 in reply to 52330

    Re: List of Hotkeys / Shortcut Keys

    there is one hotley i would like the developers to introduce to this list so that players can change it,  "R" (reply button for chat. Its already there in the game, but there is no mention of this in hotkey section).


    Some players(like me) use "T" for tc, so it's very annoying when you hit "R" instead of "T"  

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